Beach Club

Situated on the shores of beautiful Green Bay, and walking distance from the Clubhouse itself, here you’ll find two swimming pools, a hot tub, and poolside food service available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Beach Club:

Due to COVID19 restrictions - Reservations are required.  No more than 40 persons per session until further notice. To make a reservation, members must first be logged into the website, and select Pool Reservations under the Member Central Tab. 

Open June 1st through Labor Day

RESERVATIONS WILL BE REQUIRED.  Members must check in with Horseshoe Bay Beach Club staff as they arrive.

  • Daily with the exception of Wednesday there will mostly be 2 ½ hour sessions, all members will need to leave promptly concluding their session, locker rooms will close promptly at the end of each session.
  • A 30 minute cleaning and sanitizing will be required between sessions.
  • Sessions include:
    • Adult Swim daily 8AM – 9:30AM with exception of  Wednesday (No Adult Swim).
    • Monday & Tuesday:  10AM – 12:30PM, 1PM – 3:30PM, 4PM – 6PM
    • Wednesday:  12PM – 2:30PM, 3PM – 5:30PM
    • Thursday thru Sunday:  10AM – 12:30PM, 1PM – 3:30PM, 4PM – 6:30PM, 7PM – 8PM
  • Reservations booking available online. Reservations will be available 5 days prior to pool use. 40 total patrons max during each session.
  • No groups over 6 people together until further notice.
  • Pool deck will have various seating for families. Tables and chaise lounge chairs will be separated by 6 ft.
  • Pool locker rooms will be open for showering, changing and restrooms.
  • No towel service. Members are required to bring their own towels until further notice.
Pool toys will not be provided by the Club.  Members that bring own pool toys must keep them with them at all times.

  • All tables at the pool will seat up to (6) guests and be spaced 6 feet apart.
  • All menus will be single use and will be disposed of after each use.
  • All food and beverage will be served in single use containers.
  • Members must clear their own tables.  Extra trash receptacles will be provided.
  • All condiments will come single use.

Food service will conclude with 45 minutes remaining in each session.

(Starting September 8th the pool will remain open but unattended until September 13th based on weather)

*Pool opens Wednesday’s @ 12:00 (noon) due to treatment Tuesday evenings.*