Dress Code

A common dress code is in effect for all accessible Club facilities including The Member's Clubhouse, Murphy’s Barn, Beach Club, Golf Course and practice range. Proper attire, as determined by the Management and Golf Professional will be mandatory for everyone using the Club.
All players shall be neat, well groomed and wear appropriate golf clothing. Business and traditional sports attire is acceptable in the Member’s Clubhouse. Cut-offs, tank tops, swimming shorts, gym shirts, and denim of any kind (except in Sonny’s Saloon) are not acceptable.  No shorts are allowed in FrankE's during dinner service and no hats, caps, or visors on gentlemen or ladies will be allowed in FrankE's. 
Golf attire must be worn on the Golf Course, driving range, and putting greens at all times. Acceptable Golf Course clothing includes long slacks, Bermuda shorts, golf shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps and hats, in addition to:

  1. Men must wear collared shirts that have sleeves, and slacks or proper length Bermuda shorts. 
  2. Women must wear appropriate shirts, and slacks, skirts or proper length golf shorts. 
  3. Jogging clothes, racquetball clothes, blue jeans, coaching outfits, halter-tops, short shorts, and bathing suits do not constitute proper Golf Course attire. 
  4. Clothing with inappropriate art designs and writings shall not be worn on club property.


  1. Acceptable golf shoes must be worn on the Golf Course and may be worn in the public areas of the Murphy’s Barn and Sonny's Saloon and within the Clubhouse except for FrankE's. 
  2. Golf shoes, street shoes and tennis type shoes may be worn in Murphy’s Barn.

It is the Member’s responsibility to inform their guests of the dress code, including non-metal spikes, and ensure that their guests wear proper attire.